Singing transcription project started

A new collaborative project that will address the problem of automatic transcription of multiple singers has been launched by Queen Mary University of London and Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS – Brazil). The £24k project, entitled “Automatic transcription of polyphonic music recordings“, is funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering through its Newton Research Collaboration Programme, and will last 12 months.

The project involves Dr Rodrigo Schramm (UFRGS) and Dr Emmanouil Benetos (QMUL), and its main goals are to:
1) Propose and develop new technologies to perform automatic transcription of audio recordings generated by multiple singers.
2) Establish a collaborative network between researchers from UFRGS/Brazil and C4DM/UK.
3) Introduce new technologies for music information retrieval which can assist music education in Brazil, especially in the context of e-learning.