MLLab at DCASE 2022

On 3-4 November, several Machine Listening Lab researchers will participate at the 7th Workshop on Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events (DCASE 2022). The workshop aims to provide a venue for researchers working on computational analysis of sound events and scene analysis to present and discuss their results, and is organised in conjunction with the DCASE 2022 Challenge.

As in previous years, the Machine Listening Lab will have a strong presence at the workshop, both in terms of numbers and overall impact. The below papers presented at DCASE 2022 are authored or co-authored by MLLab members:

On challenge organisation, MLLab PhD students InĂªs Nolasco and Shubhr Singh, MLLab alumna and research visitor Veronica Morfi, and MLLab alumnus Dan Stowell are all involved in the organisation of the DCASE 2022 Challenge task on Few-shot Bioacoustic Event Detection, focusing on sound event detection in a few-shot learning setting for animal (mammal and bird) vocalisations.

See you all at DCASE!