Turing Fellowship success for the Machine Listening Lab

Two of the Machine Listening Lab’s lead academics, Dan Stowell and Emmanouil Benetos, have been awarded Turing Fellowships.

The Alan Turing Institute (ATI) is a new UK national institute for data science and artificial intelligence (founded in 2015). Our university QMUL recently joined the ATI as a partner. The new QMUL Institute of Applied Data Sciences connects together QMUL’s researchers working on data science and artificial intelligence, and also acts as a conduit to the ATI.

Through the Turing Fellowships, effective 1st October 2018, Stowell and Benetos plan to work with ATI partners to build on their research themes in advanced audio analysis – to analyse urban, wildlife, domestic and musical sound recordings. They will work with academic, industry and government on the effective and ethical development of technology, including the development of privacy-preserving analysis methods.