Many C4DM papers accepted for ICASSP 2018

C4DM researchers have had a lot of success this year in being accepted for ICASSP 2018, the IEEE’s International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing. Most of these papers are led by C4DM PhD students, on MIR and Machine Listening topics:

  • “A Deeper Look At Gaussian Mixture Model Based Anti-Spoofing Systems” by Bhusan Chettri and Bob L. Sturm
  • “Towards Complete Polyphonic Music Transcription: Integrating Multi-Pitch Detection and Rhythm Quantization” by Eita Nakamura, Emmanouil Benetos, Kazuyoshi Yoshii, and Simon Dixon
  • “Polyphonic Music Sequence Transduction With Meter-Constrained LSTM Networks” by Adrien Ycart and Emmanouil Benetos
  • “Feature Design Using Audio Decomposition for Intelligent Control of the Dynamic Range Compressor” by Di Sheng and György Fazekas
  • Adversarial Semi-Supervised Audio Source Separation applied to Singing Voice Extraction” by Daniel Stoller, Sebastian Ewert, Simon Dixon
  • “Similarity Measures For Vocal-Based Drum Sample Retrieval Using Deep Convolutional Auto-Encoders” by Adib Mehrabi, Kuenwoo Choi, Simon Dixon, Mark Sandler
  • Shift-Invariant Kernel Additive Modelling for Audio Source Separation” by Delia Fano Yela, Sebastian Ewert, Ken O’Hanlon, Mark B. Sandler
  • “Improved detection of semi-percussive onsets in audio using temporal reassignment” by K. O’Hanlon and M.B. Sandler

See you all in Calgary!