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Postdoctoral Research Assistants:

PhD students:


Academic affiliates:


  • Sebastian Ewert (former Lecturer/Researcher in Signal Processing)
  • Alan McElligott (former Senior Lecturer)
  • Bob Sturm (former Lecturer in Digital Media)
  • Peter Foster (former Postdoctoral Research Assistant)
  • Siddharth Sigtia (former PhD student)
  • Maria Panteli (former PhD student)
  • Siying Wang (former PhD student)
  • Will Wilkinson (former PhD student)
  • Inês Nolasco (former Research Assistant)
  • Rodrigo Schramm (former Visiting Academic)
  • Inês Nolasco (former MSc student, 2017/18) Topic: Audio-based recognition of beehive states
  • Eurico Covas (former MSc student, 2017/18) Topic: Optimal neural network feature selection for forecasting of spatial temporal series
  • Amogh Matt (former MSc student, 2017/18) Topic: Estimating & mitigating the impact of acoustic environments on digital audio signalling

Group photo, April 2018:

Group photo of attendees at MLLab Symposium 2018

Group photo, March 2016:

Lab group photo