Welcoming new Lecturer: Bhusan Chettri

We’re pleased to welcome new Lecturer Bhusan Chettri to our group!

Bhusan started a full-time role this month as Lecturer in Data Analytics. He says:

Bhusan Chettri photo“I completed my Ph.D. degree from QMUL in August 2020 under the supervision of Dr. Emmanouil Benetos and Dr. Bob Sturm (who is now at KTH, Sweden). During my Ph.D. studies, I was also working as a part-time Lecturer of Data Analytics at QMUL.

“My Ph.D. research focused on the design and analysis of secure voice biometrics. I look forward to continuing my work on fake audio/speech detection using generative models, representation learning, and adversarial attacks. Furthermore, I am also keen to explore interpretability for voice biometrics and anti-spoofing systems.”

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